A New Time of
Bespoke Furniture

Established in Porto (Portugal), we are a furniture design brand renowned for tailor-made options, handmade upholstery and unmatched combinations of non-conventional materials with timeless designs.

Bespoke furniture makes up our essence and it is available for both residential and commercial projects. Transform Laskasas pieces in items exclusively yours.

Bespoke Options

Explore our world of materials, finishes, colours and textures. Laskasas pieces mix:

  • Fabrics such as velvet and leather;
  • High-quality wood veneers;
  • Superior lacquers; and
  • Glamorous copper, gold and silver leaves.

How to Request


The Concept

See our furniture, upholstery, lighting and accessories. The creative process starts at our headquarters in Porto, with our sales and technical teams.


The Sketching

The concept starts winning life with the technical drawings engineered using advanced software’s. Then, they will be sent to you for validation.


From Drawing to Reality

Once the technical drawings are approved, the production of the pieces starts. The manufacturing combines handcraft expertise with technology.


Where Dreams Come True

You will get the your pieces and just love it. Hope you don’t mind about that. Our icons are your new design classics, always made in Portugal.

The Bespoke Service

    Submit your request. This is where dreams come true.

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