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Our Story

Established in the city of Porto (Portugal) in 2003, Laskasas is a furniture design brand renowned for creating handmade furniture, upholstery and metalwork pieces, for residential and commercial projects.

Laskasas furniture and upholstery collections strive to honour and elevate Portuguese heritage of craftsmanship.

Each piece is a new perspective of traditional design, defying laws of silhouettes, materials and textures combinations.

With long-lasting expertise, Laskasas pieces are available worldwide.

The contemporary reinterpretation has influences of the Scandinavian functionality, the Italian luxury and the French glamour.

Comfort is so important that it hasn’t a nationality or particular roots.

Laskasas has established its reputation as a leading furniture firm, creating spaces with a certain feeling that work has hubs of energy in any project.

Everything is carefully handmade in our warehouse.

We are a curated furniture brand that joins contemporary interior designers, architects, decorators, dealers and furniture showrooms in their ever-changing interior design journeys.

Laskasas design ethos

Laskasas offers tailor-made options, handmade upholstery and unmatched combinations of non-conventional materials with long-lasting pieces.

“True furniture icons don’t create themselves. Laskasas classics are born from our clients’ distinctive choices.”

Celso Lascasas | Founder & CEO

We Stand for

Laskasas escapes from furniture conventions to embrace a different kind of silhouettes and materials combinations. In our warehouse and headquarter, we seek to redefine what it means to be a Portuguese furniture brand.

Far from being static, we believe in functionality, forms, comfort and balance. That is what we stand for.

Timeless Designs Laskasas

Timeless Designs

Long-lasting furniture products and high-end finishes

Portugal Flag Laskasas

Portuguese Heritage

Items 100% designed and produced in-house. By Portugal for the World

Iconic Collections Laskasas

Iconic Collections

Wide range of furniture, upholstery, lighting and home accessories

Bespoke Services Laskasas

Bespoke Services

Over 50 materials, fabrics and finishes for custom-made options




Laskasas team is passionate about what they do. With their love and dedication to Laskasas, they offer the highest quality and service to its customers to thus form lasting relationships



Laskasas strives to combine high-end materials and ancient woodworking techniques. Made in Portugal represents our stringent quality control process.



The brand’s motto is to Decorate Life. Therefore, Laskasas frequently invests in social projects to proportionate some families a better way of living

We Are



Designing elegant and memorable furniture pieces for our clients’ interior design projects. We decorate life.



Laskasas allows its clients’ to create distinctive home environments that will make their dreams come true.



Laskasas pieces are new perspectives of timeless designs and meaningful interiors.