Materials & Finishes

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The Beggining

We are a furniture design brand renowned for tailor-made options, handmade upholstery and unmatched combinations of non-conventional materials with long-lasting pieces.
The custom-made options and the bespoke service are key-pieces of Laskasas business, allowing you to select the exact materials and finishes that suit your residential and commercial projects.

Please contact our team for further information and to know more about the different option for a given Laskasas product. From upholsteries to woods and dimensions, the range is wide.

Our designs. Your pieces.
Exclusively yours.

Materials & Finishes

Natural Oak
Black Oak
White Matte
Beige Matte
Mocha Matte
Matte Ironwood
Grey Matte
Black Matte
Glossy White
Glossy Beige
Glossy Mocha
Matte Walnut
Glossy Grey
Glossy Black
Matte Ebony
Glossy Walnut
Glossy Ironwood
Smoked Oak
Aged Oak / Old Oak
Black Ash
Matte Smoked Eucalyptus
Matte Grey Eucalyptus
Glossy Ebony
Glossy Smoked Eucalyptus
Glossy Grey Eucalyptus
Gold Matte Leaf
Silver Matte Leaf
Nero Marquina
Black Flower
Bronze Armani
Green Issorie
Port Laurent
Rosso Levanto
Grey Stone
Dark Emperador
Polished Stainless Steel
Brushed Stainless Steel
Gilded Stainless Steel
Copper Stainless Steel
Nickel Stainless Steel